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Navigating the Web

It is expected at this time that you have already registered for an Academy or Project A class.  Congratulations!  At this point, you should already know the following:

  • Your Class Name
  • The College in which your class is located.
  • Your Teacher Name.
  • Your Enrollment Key. (this is a special word lock used to get into the class.)

At this point you should also know your user name and password for system entry.

Logging into the Academy for Academy and Project A courses means that you must first get to the Academy. Start by typing or into your browser's address or navigation bar.

The browser will take you to the WCATY Academy. The home page is standard for most of the moodle pages you will see from here on. The header has the WCATY Academy name and also has a login link. Just below the header is a navigation link menu called the breadcrumbs. This will change as you go throughout the academy, but will always lead you back to the home page. The main content is below the breadcrumbs to the left, and the sidebar is to the right. All class information will be shown in the main content section. Special page navigation will be placed on the sidebar. Below everything is the quick navigation bar which for right now looks the same as the breadcrumbs and the footer which also has a log in link.

moodle front page

If your Academy looks different from the one pictured here, perhaps you should check the Browser Compatibility link at the right end of the Breadcrumbs bar to see if your Internet browser is compatible with the Academy.


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Browser Compatibility

The Browser Compatibility Screen opens to show a list of browsers and release versions on the left, and a browser detection module provided by the good people at on the right.  If you are not sure of your system's compatibility, check your browser information on the left to the comparable browser information on the left. 


If your browser version does not match the compatible version.  Contact your system technician for an immediate upgrade.



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Logging In

From the home page, locate one of the two log-in links located either at the breadcrumbs bar or on the footer.  At this point you should be ready to use the username and password you were given before the first day of class.  

Your username should be two words separated by a period. (xxxxxx.xxxxxx)

The password you were given should have at least one special character in it. (@#$&) and at least one number.  

Enter username and password and press the Log in button.  If the log in page gives you an "Invalid login" error, check the information you were given and try again.  If an error persists, contact the Academy help desk via the link on the home page footer menu.  If you have forgotten your username or password, press the "Forgotten your username or password?" link on the log in screen or press the password link on the home page.

Passwords (Joyce)


If you use the "Forgotten your username or password?" link on the log in screen or press the PASSWORD link on the home page, you will be taken immediately to Joyce at the Administration Desk in the Administration Building.

While on any Joyce screen, you can access password services by pressing the button with the "CHANGE PASSWORD" icon in the black button zone just below Joyce's image.  Joyce offers two password services.  Academy patrons may change their passwords, or reset their passwords to the original setting.  


Password Change is available for students or staff members.  To change your password, simply enter your user name and original password in the fields provided.  Then enter the word you want to change your password to, and press the "CHANGE PASSWORD" button.  The new password can be used as soon as the screen refreshes.


Automatic Password Reset is only available for Academy staff, registrars and mentors, and can be done immediately.  Students needing password reset may call the Administration office or email from the link provided.  Staff members may enter their user name  and original password.  The system will re-instate the original password that was assigned at the time they were given access.  This process takes a few minutes to occur, and is usually accompanied with a confirmation email.  If any staff member receives a password reset email and has not requested it, that staff member should contact the Academy administration desk immediately.

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Going to Class

There are two ways to access your class at the Academy.  The first is to access the "Courses" link from the "navigation" menu after logging in.  The other is to use the Class Teleporter.  A class teleporter is located at the administration or reception desk in every building.

Class Teleporter (Joyce)

While on any Joyce screen, you can access the class teleporter by pressing the button with the "CLASS TELEPORTER" icon in the black button zone just below Joyce's image.  If you don't want to travel through the panoramic buildings, you may go straight to Joyce's desk by pressing the "CLASS TELEPORTER" link from the breadcrumbs menu on the home page or from the footer menu on any other page.  


The class teleporter is an icon-driven. interface that allows Students to search classes by College Semester or Program.  Students access the class sort that works best for them to reach the class selection screen.  Classes are presented by icon and name.  Simply press the icon and name that corresponds to your class and the teleporter will take you directly to your class.

The first time you enter your class, you may be asked to provide an Enrollment Key for entry.  This is a word lock that you should have been given when you received your user name and password.  The Academy will only ask you for this key the first time you enter the class.  If you did not receive an enrollment key, and you find yourself locked out of your class, please contact Administration Services at 608-890-3260, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

 Navigation Menu (Moodle)

The Courses link on the navigation menu will take you to the Session Category list.  From here, you may select your session.  Your session can be identified by the year, semester and WCATY program in which you are enrolled





Selection the correct session will present the college list.  Select the college or thinker type for your course.




Now, you will be presented a list of active classes for the session and thinker type you selected.  Select your class name, and you will be linked directly to your class.