Browser Compatibility

Academy II is built on a panoramic campus experience running through a Moodle 2.6 interface. The interface adapts to the size of the browser window it plays in. This adaptation is not compatible with all browsers. The list to the left below shows all supported browsers.  To the right is a ballpark detection of your current browser so that you can compare to the list.


Google Chrome

Full Support (All Versions)




Full Support (v.40 - 43)

Partial Support (v.38v-v39)


 (Unique problems reported)

Internet Explorer

Partial Support (v.9 v.10 v.11)

Incompatible (v.8) 

(Some image and cell distortion) 


Full Support (v.31 - 33)

Incompatible (Opera Mini)




Full support (v. 4.4.4 - 44)

Incompatible (v. 4.1 - 4.3)




Incompatible before 7.1


This page may not run on Safari 7.1

This page may run on Safari after 8.4

(performance may vary)

  Microsoft Edge