Infolinks is designed to provide program managers to create WORM (Write Once Read Many) information sets.

  • Here you will find very little web page formatting.
  • There are no menus.
  • There is no header.
  • There is no footer.
  • The standard width of any article created here is 650px.
  • The only way to navigate back to the main list pages is to use the back button.


Essentially, pages created on Infolinks can be fed to other web pages many times over by simply pasting the link into selected areas of the Bernie 2 appliance.  

Here's how it works:

  • Program directors create information pages and assign them to the correct Program Categories.
  • Navigation to the pages can be achieved by using the menu on this page to get to the article list pages.
  • Once the desired article is reached, the web address can be copied and pasted into Bernie2.
  • Bernie2 appliances can then place that web page into other Bernie2 pages in the form of a web Iframe.


Use the example pages (INFOLINKS) to learn how to create pages for your own department.